Cats and dogs in Japan can now get digital resident cards in Kanagawa Prefecture

Great news! We are thrilled to know that pets are finally getting a proper identification that recognises their identity (i.e. name, age, sex, special abilities, etc) and social status (in this case a resident in the prefecture) in Japan. 😻 🇯🇵

But did you know a real digital ID is more than just filling in a form on a company’s website and printing it out? Imagine if animal lovers from all over the world could get a legitimate digital ID for their pets? This first-of-its-kind universal digital ID not only proves the unique identity of their animals, but also links to various credentials of the pets, e.g. veterinary history, microchip record, pet license number, etc.

Most importantly, digital identity technology ensures that all the personal data are private and controlled by the pet guardians instead of owned by commercial companies. They are issued and stored in a secure digital wallet (or an app) on their smartphone, which the guardians can access anytime anywhere. Pretty cool, huh? 😎

Any one want a digital ID for their pets? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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