DignifID™ is established for the purpose of bringing legitimate digital identity, and associated services, to animals and their guardians.  Availability of verifiable, legitimate identity credentials is crucial for people to secure their rights and benefits in human society.  Without ID, any person has little to no status or security in modern human societies.  DignifID has prepared a position paper that explains the importance and opportunity of providing legitimate digital identity for animals that have human or organizational guardians.  You can read a summary of this paper at the following link:

Position Paper Summary – Legitimate Identity for Animals

The DignifID Animals Foundation has also developed the “DignifID Digital Identity Explainer Series” to introduce concepts of digital identity for humans and animals. The goal of these lessons is to help people build a good understanding of how important and useful digital identity is, how it applies to animals, and basic details of the technology. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@dignifid.org.

Lesson 1: What is Identity
An introduction to what Identity means on a human level, how this translates for digital identity, and why do we need digital identity.

Lesson 2: Identity for Animals, why is it needed and how is it useful?
The concept of having robust, universal identity for animals is new. Why would people what this, and how can it be valuable to people and animals?

Lesson 3: Ledger, DIDs and Credentials, Oh My!
This lesson introduces basic details of key technical concepts that enable decentralized digital identity.

Lesson 4: “Cryptographically Secure” What does that mean? (coming soon)
A layperson’s introduction to cryptography used with decentralized digital identity.

Lesson 5: How do we establish Trust in the world of Decentralized Digital Identity? (coming soon)
What are the different types of Trust, and how we we establish Trust in the internet ecosystem.