Cats Know Their Names – And They Should Have Legitimate ID

While some people feel that cats are not able to even learn their names, scientist in Japan have proven this to be wrong. In fact, cats do recognize their names when their guardian calls them by name – they just may not choose to significantly react. We at DignifID fully understand and certainly agree with the findings presented in the news article below, and this is yet another reason why companion cats should enjoy the benefits of legitimate digital identity. If cats and their human guardians understand the cat’s name, it is time for those furry family members to have their name (and other important items of their personal information) be easily verifiable by the rest of society. DignifID provides legitimate, verifiable identity services for all animals, and that identity data is owned and controlled by the animal’s guardian.

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Cats know their names
Image source: Scientific American – Cats Recognize Their Own Names—Even If They Choose to Ignore Them

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