Working Animals – How Should They Be Recognized by Society?

Growing numbers of animals, especially dogs, perform important and highly valuable services for us. This NPR article about super sniffer dogs highlights some of the amazing work dedicated dogs perform to identify cancer and other health issues. This work, along with police work, guide dogs for blind people, etc. position these amazing animals in roles that have tremendous responsibility. Humans sometimes depend on a dog’s capability and dedication to save their lives! If humans were doing these jobs, they would be recognized and honored with special titles such as Dr. Zhang, Officer Murphy, etc. But, when an animal saves a life, what we often hear is, ‘isn’t that an amazing dog!’ The dog as an individual is overlooked, and viewed as just a thing. It is time for amazing animals like these to have legitimate identity, with proper names and ID credentials that mark their place and status in human society. DignifID identity management for animals not only provides for them the recognition they deserve as individuals, but potentially enables them to receive salaries or other benefits for themselves. While such benefits would be managed by their human or organizational guardians, those benefits would be inextricably connected to the individual animal. DignifID is excited to provide verifiable identity for working animals which contributes to their well-being, and the well-being of humans.

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Image source: NPR – How Super Sniffer Dogs Are Helping Detect Disease Around The World

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