We Don’t Adopt JUST a Pet – We Adopt and Animal That is an Individual

A brewery in Florida has a wonderful, innovative approach to helping homeless dogs find new guardians (i.e. owners). Motorworks Brewing puts photos of shelter dogs on their beers cans, as a means of providing public exposure to help find forever homes for them. Only one thing is missing in this effort – verifiable credentials that securely link core identity information (i.e. age, physical characteristics, etc.) and information such as vaccination and health records with each individual animal. The person or family that adopts one of these dogs is then not just, ‘adopting a dog.’ They will adopt an pet that has a legitimate digital identity which establishes its place as an individual in our human society. Also, all of those important identity credentials will easily transfer to the ID Lynx app on the new guardian’s smart phone, so that the dog’s identity details are always available and can never be lost or misplaced. DignifID and ID Lynx will be rolling out these services during 2020!

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Image source: USA Today – Motorworks Brewing in Florida puts shelter dogs on beer cans to help them find forever homes

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