Verifiable Digital Identity Protects Your Furry Family Members

How do we know who is the rightful guardian (owner) of a pet? Maybe your pet has a ID chip implanted, and there is a record of a person (the owner?) paying for that. Maybe there is a history of adoption and vaccination records (if they haven’t been lost). But, even with such records, it may still be possible for an unscrupulous person to try to assume ownership of a pet that belongs to another family. Such a situation is described in the news article link below. Although cases like this can be complicated due to histories of care quality, etc., we have been lacking a robust system for identifying who is the rightful guardian of an animal. Those days are now behind us. With the emergence of legitimate, cryptographically verifiable digital identity, a long-term record of a pet’s digital credentials (name, photos, medical records, ID chip number, etc.) can be unequivocally linked with the rightful guardian. This provable linkage of ID credentials between a pet and its human guardian, will be of tremendous help for families that find themselves in a situation where Fluffy is catnapped – even if the catnapper is well-meaning. DignifID digital identity will provide verifiable digital bonds between pets and their legitimate guardians.

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Image source: Daily Mail – Catnapped! Family reveal how a neighbour obsessed with their cat changed its owner’s details on its collar and even went to court to keep it

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