Insights from an animal welfare leader – Jane Goodall

Ms. Goodall is widely respected as a leader in rationally and successfully promoting animal welfare. She has been unwavering in her dedicated to respecting and promoting animals as important individuals with innate worth, and demonstrating the validity of that position with credible scientific and sociological arguments. In the article below, she expresses views that we at DignifID particularly respect, as they are core concepts in our mission to bring legitimate identity services to animals. Some key quotes from this article are:

Many professors told her it was wrong to give chimps a name, to talk about them having a personality or an ability to solve problems. These attributes, they exclaimed, were unique to humans. … “Unfortunately for those professors, I had this amazing teacher when I was a child,” says Goodall, “who taught me they were wrong — my dog, Rusty. We are not the only beings on the planet capable of thinking and resolving things outside of our bubble. Emotions, such as happiness, sadness, fear, and despair are all part of the animal kingdom, too.”

Jane Goodall, as quoted in the article “Jane Goodall at 85: What Animals Can Teach us About Leadership,” by Grant Schreiber

Identity service for animals, which utilizes “human-grade” digital identity technology, helps animals with human or organizational guardians to be recognized in society as the innately valuable, sentient individuals. Digital identity is not a cute, fun accessory for spoiled pets. Those spoiled pets (i.e. highly loved animals!), and other animals, require legitimate identity to enable true inclusion in our digital human society. With legitimate identity, animals are no longer just things. They will more easily be viewed and respected as our family members, and sentient partners of worth in our shared world.

Thank you, Jane, for being a visionary dedicated to elevating the well-being of non-human animals, and humans.

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Image source: Real Leaders – Jane Goodall at 85: What Animals Can Teach us About Leadership

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