We envision a world where digital identity for animals is expected and accepted by animal guardians and societies, and such identity raises the social status and well-being of animals.


To provide animal guardians (humans or organizations) with a trusted, secure and universally available digital identity platform for their animals, while promoting their well-being through a vibrant globally connected community.


  • Secure

    Create the world’s most trusted and universally adopted DignifID Digital Identity Platform (DDIP) for animals and their Guardians, backed by cryptographically secure and open-source technology.

  • Trusted

    Govern and administer the DDIP on behalf of all DignifID Identity Owners, DignifID Credential Issuers and Verifiers, and other DignifID stakeholders.

  • Universal

    Promote global adoption and ubiquitous use of DDIS for animals in order to acknowledge the value and social status of animals as perceived by their guardians and the societies in which they live.

  • Empowered

    Connect and empower a vibrant global ecosystem that promotes social interaction and sustainable commerce, which contributes to enriching the well-being of animals, their guardians and societies.


DignifID Animals Foundations is conducting a public review of the following proposed draft versions of the DignifID Governance Framework, glossary and Trust Assurance Framework. To provide feedback on any of the above documents, click the links below to download the files (in PDF).

After you reviewed and commented on documents, please email the files to us at info@dignifid.org.All comments or suggestions will be reviewed by DignifID members, so we appreciate your thoughtful and deliberate contributes.



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